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Girl Bullies / Juliette March
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Juliette March Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Vigilante femdom justice.
Hates:  Disrespectful vandals who deserve to have their pants privileges revoked.
Fave Bullying Move:  A combination of severe wedgies and total depantsing.
Quote:  "Oh my god, look at your little dick!"

Juliette March will strip you completely naked in the middle of the street if she thinks you deserve it and if you really annoy her, she will demand public butt kisses before giving back your clothes.
Juliette March Scenes

Femdom Threesome for their Little Cuck Maid
Juliette March
You almost blew your load when your girlfriend, Juliette March, finally agreed to have a threesome with her best friend, Lily Lane. Once they get you into bed they both burst into laughter and announce that Juliette is leaving you for Lily. Your new role in the house will be cleaning it while wearing...

Tags: Ass Big Tits Cuckolding Fantasy Femdom Handjob

Her Chastity Fascination Unlocked
Juliette March
Exactly thirty days ago Juliette March convinced her roommate to lock his dick in a chastity cage so they could make some fake porn.Then she convinced him to keep it on for a whole month, just to satisfy her own curiosity about his reaction to going so long with no orgasms. Juliette did promise that...

Tags: Chastity Cock Tease Embarrassing Orgasm Femdom Handjob

Her Chastity Fascination
Juliette March
Juliette March wanted to get a little petty vengeance on her ex-boyfriend so she asked her bestie, Sam, to help make a fake sex tape. Sam is the timid nerdy type so Juliette asked him to wear a chastity device so he wouldn't get too excited from rubbing against her naked body. Juliette is super grateful...

Tags: Chastity Cock Tease Embarrassment Femdom Sex

Clothes Stolen And Cock Mocked By Juliette March
Juliette March
Juliette March can’t wait to strip naked and hop in a hot shower after her long bartending shift but she only makes it to the stripping part before some random dude walks right into the apartment where she is crashing. Juliette might be naked but she is not afraid, so she just tackles the guy and gets...

Tags: CFNM Cock Tease Pantyboy Small Penis Humiliation

Juliette March Turns Star Gazer into Her Personal Ass-tronaut
Juliette March
Sam is a huge science nerd so he couldn't wait to whip out his dinky little telescope for the big meteor shower. Sam's roommate, Juliette, thought it would be funny to jump in front of his telescope and flash her ass into the lens but Sam totally overreacts by yelling at her. Juliette just wanted to...

Tags: Ass Ass Worship Butt Kisses Embarrassing Orgasm

Wedgie Wednesday-Vandal Punished By Juliette March
Juliette March
*We have been giving you guys a lot of wedgies lately so this week we are just making this former Wedgie Wednesday scene available permanently.* Juliette is a proud member of her community and if she catches someone destroying public property she is going to destroy them publicly. When she catches...

Tags: Butt Kisses Exposure Fantasy Pantsing Stripped