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Girl Bullies / Lola Fae
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Lola Fae Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Making people eat her ass after she spanks theirs.
Hates:  Rude boys pretending to be assertive men.
Fave Bullying Move:  Acting super sweet while insulting your manhood and teasing your cock.
Quote:  “Are you compensating for your tiny pecker with that big boy suit?”

Lola Fae is the kind of Girl Bully who will happily fuck you (and maybe your hot female roommate too) on a first date but is equally happy to end the night with your bare butt over her knee if she doesn’t like your attitude.
Lola Fae Scenes

Lola Fae's Facesitting Punishment For Panty Thief
Lola Fae
Lola Fae had a very strong suspicion that her step-bro, Sam, was getting into her panties but she did not expect to find him sniffing a pair with his pants around his ankles on the living room couch. Lola is furious at first but the anger turns to laughter after watching Sam squirming with extreme embarrassment...

Tags: Ass Cock and Ball Punishment Cock Tease Erection Embarrassment

Lola Fae Takes Pity On Your Tiny Cock
Lola Fae
Lola Fae is very excited to strip down so she can start bouncing and gagging on your huge cock. The problem is you actually have a tiny penis but your roommate, Nika, lied to Lola about your size. Nika wanted to get revenge on her for some past boyfriend stealing so she set Lola up with you. Your roommate...

Tags: Cock Tease Embarrassing Orgasm Embarrassment Feet

Intimidated Into Ass Worship By Lola Fae
Lola Fae
Sam had a very memorable first encounter with Lola Fae and they were bound to meet again since she is fucking his roommate on the regular now. This time Sam wisely attempts to flee the tiny terror as soon as he spots her but Lola is not going miss another chance to bully a little loser. She reminds...

Tags: Ass Ass Worship CFNM Face Sitting

Stripped, Spanked, and, Balls Drained By Lola Fae
Lola Fae
Sam starts off his morning a little grumpy that his bisexual roommate, Ella, brought a hot girl home last night and kept him awake with sex sounds until dawn. His mood does not approve when he finds Ella's hookup lounging on his couch in just her bra and panties. Sam very rudely tries to rush the girl...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm CFNM Cuckolding Fantasy Femdom Handjob

Little Dick Nerd Stripped Naked and Dominated by Lola Fae
Lola Fae
Sam is setting up his DnD game for his nerd group when smoking hot Lola Fae starts to hit on him wearing just a t-shirt and panties. He is pretty shocked that Lola is even talking to him since she usually ignores the gamers when they come over. What Sam does not know is that Lola is just helping her...

Tags: Classic Bullying Cock and Ball Punishment Cock Tease Embarrassing Orgasm