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Girl Bullies / Ella Nova
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Ella Nova Femdom Facts:
Loves:  butt kisses
Hates:  backtalk
Fave Bullying Move:  sit on his face
Quote:  "That's a real sidekick dick."
Astrological Sign:  Virgo

Ella Nova is a Girl Bully.
Ella Nova Scenes

Super Wedgies and CFNM Justice from Supergirl
Ella Nova
Sam has forgotten to get real tickets to the superhero convention and Ella is never going to forgive him. She was so excited for some Supergirl cosplay so somebody is definitely going to pay for this huge disappointment. Ella decides that Sam deserves some very real wedgies for buying fake convention...

Tags: Ass Butt Kisses Butt Sniffer CFNM

Ella Nova's Pantied Pet
Ella Nova
Sequel to Ella Nova's Premature Ejaculating Pet Ella Nova loves having you as her little pet wanker who does whatever he is told for the privilege of jerking off to your her while she laughs in your face. After her recent efforts to make you publicly cum in your pants were only semi-successful, Ella...

Tags: Ass Jerk Off Instruction Panty Fetish Pantyboy

Full Sexual Humiliation Research Experiment with Kat Soles
Bambi Belle , Daisy Ducati
The Girl Bullies University Fetish Research Department has a few questions about your sexual attitudes and responses. This complete survey addresses spanking, small penis humiliation, and wedgies.

Tags: Ass Cock Tease Jerk Off Instruction POV

Ella Nova's Premature Ejaculating Pet
Ella Nova
Sequel to Ella Nova's Small Penis Pet One of the (only) perks of being your neighbor Ella Nova's errand boy is she lets you jerk off in her presence sometimes. This time she wants to try something a little different from the usual routine of giggling while you play with your tiny cock. Ella is really...

Tags: Ass Cum in Pants Embarrassing Orgasm Erection Embarrassment

Video Game Loser Gets Humiliating Footjob From Ella Nova
Ella Nova
Ella has already proven to her lame step-bro, Sam, that she totally owns his ass. Now she is going to claim his little cock has her property too. Ella tells him that he can't quit playing video games with her till he wins but losers don't get to wear clothes while they play. She cracks up at the sight...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm CFNM Feet Small Penis Humiliation

Ella Nova Takes Sam Solo on a Bikini Butt Sniffing Vacation
Ella Nova , Nika Venom
On their first date, Ella tricked Sam into making out with her ass and she has kept him as her little dick, butt sniffing sissy boy ever since. Now she is taking little Sammy on vacation where she plans to show off his ass worshipping skills and tiny cock to as many people as possible. She meets a group...

Tags: Ass Ass Fetish Ass Worship Big Butt

Humiliated For Public Wanking And Panty Theft
Ella Nova , Penny Barber
Being a lifeguard is an important responsibility and not just a chance to drool over all the cute girls in bikinis. It is definitely not supposed to be a chance to jerk off to the cute girls in bikinis but that is exactly what Ella reports Sam to the head lifeguard for doing. Sam's supervisor, Penny,...

Tags: Ass CFNM Cock Tease Double Domme

Cosplayer Caught With Embarrassing Boner By Nika Venom and Ella Nova
Ella Nova , Nika Venom
Nothing brings a group of nerd buddies together like a sci-fi fantasy convention but nothing breaks them apart faster than an ill timed nerd boner. Sam, Ella, and Nika are just about ready to hit the convention hall in their best cosplay but Nika is procrastinating by making jokes about going down with...

Tags: Cock Tease Costume Cum in Pants Double Domme