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Girl Bullies / Penny Barber
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Penny Barber Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Polite boys
Hates:  Rude subs
Fave Bullying Move:  Verbal devastation.
Quote:  "I don't want to hurt you.. I just want to make you embarrass yourself."

Penny is the mean MILF Queen of the Girl Bullies Universe.
Penny Barber Scenes

Penny Barber Gives Little Dick Wuss Extreme Blue Balls
Penny Barber
Penny walks in on twerpy little Sam struggling to finish his pushups. She sees that his workout has him too exhausted to even move and she can't help teasing him for being such a weakling. Sam can not fight back as Penny pulls down his shorts to give him a jockstrap wedgie. Sam is helpess as a kitten...

Tags: Ass Big Tits Cock Tease Femdom Sex

Femdom Sex With Professor Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Professor Penny Barber is more than happy to trade grades for sexual favors, IF the young man in question is cute enough and, more importantly, big enough. If what he has in his pants impresses her enough it won't really matter what he has in his head. Her newest candidate for boytoy of the semester,...

Tags: Ass Big Tits Bullied Orgasm Cock Tease

Wedgie Wednesday-Double Wedgie Humiliation With Bella Rossi & Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Penny Barber always enjoys teasing and embarrassing her best friend's little step-bro, Sam. She walks up and gives him a wet willy before Sam can even say "hello". When he tries to stand up to her, Penny easily spins him around for a nice hard wedgie! Penny bursts out laughing when she notices that (despite...

Tags: Wedgies

MILF Landylady Evicts Your Little Dick
Penny Barber
Renting a room from a hot cougar seemed like a great idea but then you started to fall behind on your payments. You feared the worst when your landlady, Penny, called you into her room for a meeting but it turns out she wanted dick more than she wanted to evict. Penny offers you free rent if you agree...

Tags: Ass Big Tits Jerk Off Instruction POV

Pantied Ass Worship For Penny's Cuck
Penny Barber
Penny has big plans tonight for her dinner date and the dicking down she is going to be getting afterward. The dinner will be provided by her little pantyboy cuck, Sam, but the dick will be provided by a stud with about twice the size of the little erection currently sticking out of a pair of her dirty...

Tags: Ass Ass Worship Big Butt Cuckolding Fantasy

Full Sexual Humiliation Research Experiment with Kat Soles
Bambi Belle , Daisy Ducati
The Girl Bullies University Fetish Research Department has a few questions about your sexual attitudes and responses. This complete survey addresses spanking, small penis humiliation, and wedgies.

Tags: Ass Cock Tease Jerk Off Instruction POV

Wedgie Wednesday-Sidewalk Pantsing And Wedgies
Penny Barber
Scrawny pizza boy, Sam, has the most humiliating delivery imaginable when he attracts the attention of pantsing and wedgie loving girl bully who decides to follow him across her neighborhood. When he just begs for mercy after being depantsed and given a major wedgie right in the middle of the street...

Tags: CFNM Erection Embarrassment Exposure Fantasy Stripped

CFNM Water Balloon Humiliation
Penny Barber
Sam was foolish enough to make a bet with his friend Penny about how many sales he could make for his business and of course he lost, like the loser he is. The payoff is that Penny gets to tie him to a tree and throw ice cold water balloons at him. Once she has him tied up, Penny decides the game would...

Tags: Bondage CFNM Exposure Fantasy Small Penis Humiliation