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Girl Bullies / Penny Barber
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Penny Barber Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Polite boys
Hates:  Rude subs
Fave Bullying Move:  Verbal devastation.
Quote:  "I don't want to hurt you.. I just want to make you embarrass yourself."

Penny is the mean MILF Queen of the Girl Bullies Universe.
Penny Barber Scenes

Humiliating Mental Control Turns Him Into Pants Wetting Butt Sniffer
Penny Barber
Sam knew his friend Penny was fascinated by the idea of mind control but he is going to regret taking her out to a mentalist show as a present. When they get home from the show, Sam seems to have no memory of all the embarrassing things the mentalist did to him in front of the whole audience. Which is...

Tags: Embarrassing Orgasm Embarrassment SciFi Fantasy Small Penis Humiliation

Chastity Humiliation From Anime Nerd Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Penny Barber is a proud nerd so when Sam makes fun of her for attending an anime convention she of course had no choice but to tie him up, pull his pants down, and draw NARUT0 whiskers on his face! After walking in on Penny in only a t-shirt and panties Sam is already hard before she even finishes...

Tags: CFNM Chastity Cock Tease Costume

Penny Barber's Thanksgiving Sissy
Penny Barber
Your girlfriend Penny is really annoyed that the two of you can't spend the holidays with her folks because you got caught with a pair of her step's dirty panties. Penny did not want to spend Thanksgiving with your side and now she wants an apology for her and her step. Something humiliating for you...

Tags: Jerk Off Instruction Pantyboy POV Sissification

Halloween Double Feature
Penny Barber
Robin's Naked Halloween Sam thought matching Robin Halloween costumes sounded like a really cute idea until it turned out that instead of Girl Robin & Boy Robin it would be more like Girl Robin & Naked Robin! By the time he realizes most of his outfit is missing from the package, Penny is already...

Tags: Ass Worship Big Tits CFNM Cock Tease

Wedgie Wednesday-Wedgie Orgasm on Livestream
Penny Barber
Don't forget this clip is only available for one week! Penny and Sam are friends but they are also rival internet streamers who are always trying to make each other payoff embarrassing bets in front of their viewers. Usually, the punishment is something mild like singing a silly song or wearing a...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm Erection Embarrassment Femdom Handjob Stripped

Wrestling Wednesday-Wetdream Of Thrones
Ella Nova , Penny Barber
After watching Game of Thrones before bed, Sam's dreams take a odd and kinky turn. He imagines himself in his own bedroom but fighting for the honor of his queen. Too bad he is still a wuss, even in dreamland. He tries so hard but his female opponent is way too powerful. She squeezes the strength right...

Tags: Wrestling

Femdom Sex With Professor Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Professor Penny Barber is more than happy to trade grades for sexual favors, IF the young man in question is cute enough and, more importantly, big enough. If what he has in his pants impresses her enough it won't really matter what he has in his head. Her newest candidate for boytoy of the semester,...

Tags: Ass Big Tits Bullied Orgasm Cock Tease

Wedgie Wednesday-Double Wedgie Humiliation With Bella Rossi & Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Penny Barber always enjoys teasing and embarrassing her best friend's little step-bro, Sam. She walks up and gives him a wet willy before Sam can even say "hello". When he tries to stand up to her, Penny easily spins him around for a nice hard wedgie! Penny bursts out laughing when she notices that (despite...

Tags: Wedgies