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Girl Bullies / Penny Barber
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Penny Barber Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Polite boys
Hates:  Rude subs
Fave Bullying Move:  Verbal devastation.
Quote:  "I don't want to hurt you.. I just want to make you embarrass yourself."

Penny is the mean MILF Queen of the Girl Bullies Universe.
Penny Barber Scenes

Little Dick Revealed After Pantsing Tantrum
Penny Barber
Nobody likes being the butt of a big joke at a party but it is part of being friends. Getting pantsed at a pool party by one friend and then having another one yell out, “Woah, look at his little dick.” in front of everyone might be a bit beyond normal teasing. Pouting about your public embarrassment...

Tags: Big Tits Cock Tease Exposure Fantasy POV

Ass Worship And Blue Balls For Embarrassed Wanker
Penny Barber
When Bella and Penny catch their friend Sam jerking himself off they don't just giggle and look away so he can cover his shame. The girls actually demand that he finish playing with his cock right in front of them. When the humiliated wanker tries to resist they just grab his hands and make him stroke...

Tags: Ass Worship Cock Tease Double Domme Embarrassment

After School Strap-On Special
Penny Barber
They say running from your problems just makes them worse and that is definitely true when your problem is a bully named Penny Barber. Tired of being tormented by the hottest and meanest girl in school, you decide to play sick and avoid the humiliation for just one day. Huge mistake. Penny shows up at...

Tags: Anal humiliation Classic Bullying Extreme Humiliation Findom

Ass Worship After Workout
Penny Barber
Penny knows you were staring at her butt during her entire workout but lucky for you, she was amused not offended. Teasing your feeble little erection is the perfect cool down after an afternoon of intense exercise. She is happy to let play with yourself while you drool over ass as long as you let her...

Tags: Ass Ass Fetish Ass Worship Big Butt

Tiny Cock Discovered by Your Worst Enemy
Penny Barber
If you really wanted to keep your most embarrassing secret from your girlfriend's mean roommate, Penny, you probably should not have let her borrow your laptop. You do kind of owe her since you are always hanging around their house but you should have guessed that Penny is the type of her girl to check...

Tags: Ass Classic Bullying Embarrassment Jerk Off Instruction

Strap-On Punishment For Weakling
Penny Barber
Some boys need to learn to keep their mouths shut unless they want them filled with strap-on cock. Sam made a bet with Penny that he could "easily" do fifty squats but the little wuss falls over after forty-nine. His penalty is giving her a strap-on blowjob but of course Penny doesn't stop at a little...

Tags: Butt Kisses Cock Tease Face Sitting Fitness Femdom

Naked Chores Trilogy
Penny Barber
PART I Silly little Sam thought he might get through his punishment of cleaning Penny's house naked without too much torment and humiliation. Penny notices right away that he has walked in with an attitude. An over the knee spanking, along with some ballbusting to make his timid little boner go down,...

Tags: Ass Ass Worship Big Butt Butt Kisses

Balcony Spanking for Peeping Tom
Penny Barber
Penny Barber likes to enjoy a little sun on her skin so she sometimes walks around her balcony in just a bra and thong. Unfortunately her twerpy little neighbor, Sam, enjoys her tanning time as well. She has caught him peeping one too many times and this time she is going to punish him herself! She...

Tags: Cock and Ball Punishment Exposure Fantasy Spanking Stripped