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Girl Bullies / Penny Barber
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Penny Barber Femdom Facts:
Loves:  Polite boys
Hates:  Rude subs
Fave Bullying Move:  Verbal devastation.
Quote:  "I don't want to hurt you.. I just want to make you embarrass yourself."

Penny is the mean MILF Queen of the Girl Bullies Universe.
Penny Barber Scenes

Humiliated For Public Wanking And Panty Theft
Ella Nova , Penny Barber
Being a lifeguard is an important responsibility and not just a chance to drool over all the cute girls in bikinis. It is definitely not supposed to be a chance to jerk off to the cute girls in bikinis but that is exactly what Ella reports Sam to the head lifeguard for doing. Sam's supervisor, Penny,...

Tags: Ass CFNM Cock Tease Double Domme

Backwards Handjob Humiliation For Rude Delivery Boy
Penny Barber
It can be a little embarrassing when you suddenly can't find your wallet right when it is time to pay for something. Penny just wants to pay for her order and get this rude delivery boy out of her house but when she can't find her cash, he has the balls to suggest Penny should flash him her tits if she...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm Cock Tease Femdom Handjob Spanking

Dominated and Humiliated by Girlfriend's Step-Sister
Penny Barber
Sam knew that his date's step-sister, Penny, did not really like him so he was very surprised when she tried to put her hand down his pants. He should have known something was up when Penny invited him inside even though her step-sister, Ella, was not home. Penny wants him out of their life so she figured...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm Face Sitting Femdom Handjob Pantyboy

Pantied, Plugged, and Demoted by Penny Barber
Penny Barber
Penny Barber was not happy when she found out the new boy in her office was the spoiled step-son of the company's CEO. It did not take her long to come up with a plan to get him under her thumb and kissing her ass. She invites him over to her house for a meeting but he has no idea that Penny has...

Tags: Anal humiliation Butt Kisses Cock Tease Extreme Humiliation

Double Butt Sniffing Humiliation
Ella Nova , Penny Barber
Part Two of Ella Nova's Ass Slave On their first date, Ella tricked Sam into making out with her ass and she has kept him as her small cocked, butt sniffing sissy boy ever since. Ella will even show up to his house unannounced whenever she wants to get her ass worshipped or watch him squirm with embarrassment...

Tags: Ass Ass Fetish Ass Worship Butt Sniffer

Rude Boss Stripped and Spanked in front of Alani Pi
Penny Barber
Sam is a horrible boss to his one employee, Alani. If he isn't watching porn with the sound on then he is yelling at her for no good reason. Sam does not know that his timid little secretary has a very tough girlfriend named Penny who is determined to teach him a lesson. When she shows up to have a little...

Tags: Butt Kisses Cock Tease Double Domme Sissification

Hot Friend Makes Him Cum in His Pants
Penny Barber
Penny and Sam are having a movie night but when Penny notices that he is wearing gray sweatpants, she warns him that the film she picked out has some pretty sexy scenes. She just wants to spare her friend the embarrassment of his boner tenting up the soft material. Sam gets offended that she thinks he...

Tags: Ass Butt Kisses Cum in Pants Embarrassing Orgasm

Humiliating Femdom Handjob Nightmare
Penny Barber
You might think that a lucid dream would be a safe haven from your bully, Penny Barber, but you would be wrong. Just when it looks like you might at least get to hook up with this hot humiliatrix in your own mind, Penny herself seems to realize that she is in your dream. Instead of stripping down and...

Tags: Bullied Orgasm Cock Tease Cum in Pants Femdom Handjob